Gaffa exterior

Gaffa is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD next to Town Hall Station and span over the 4 floors, which include The Arcade Project, Galleries and Studio spaces. We remain committed to nurturing cross-platform collaboration, collectivity and cohesion within the contemporary arts community. We endeavour to provide creative space to both established and emerging artists and designers to create and exhibit their work in the inner-city.

The ground level is dedicated to The Arcade Project, which is geared towards proving a platform for innovative and intelligent design by emerging and established independent designers and makers.

Level 1 is our gallery level, which is dedicated to the contemporary visual arts, now consists of 5 separate spaces – Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4 and Gallery 5. Galleries 1, 2 and 3 are open to artists and curators to exhibit. Gallery 4 is dedicated to emerging guest curator tenures, while Gallery 5 is a gaffa-curated exhibition space that features contemporary jewellery and objects.

The studio and workshop expansion on the 3rd and 4th level has meant that we are able to house additional resident studio artist and creative companies. We provide both bench space and private studios for makers and professionals working across various fields. We are currently home to artists, designers, jewellers, photographers, architects, writers among others.


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